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Workshops & Events

Dr. Sebastian Kverneland DC and the Scandinavian Health Care Institute is passionate about sharing the benefits of chiropractic care and functional medicine. Throughout the year, we host and participate in events and workshops.

Here are some of the events scheduled for 2020:


July 8, 2020:

It is never too late in the week to feel great Dr. Sebastian Kverneland Chiropractor in Los Angeles

Scandinavian Health Institute presents:

3 ways to avoid neck and back pain


June 22, 2020:

Scandinavian Health Institute presents:

3 ways to avoid neck and back pain

May 27, 2020:

Scandinavian Health Institute presents:

How to prevent back and neck pain at home

April 17, 2020:

Scandinavian Health Institute and Kenshō presents:

Preventative measures for back and neck pain

April 7, 2020:

Healthy Aging and Wellness Chiropractor Dr. Sebastian Kverneland DC

Scandinavian Health Institute presents: HEALTHY AGING AND WELLNESS


A discussion about healthy aging and wellness. This event will consist of a panel discussion followed by a short Q&A.

Our panel consists of:

Dr. Jaclyn Tolentino, Lead Doctor at Parsley Health Los Angeles:

Jaclyn Tolentino, DO is a Board-Certified Family Physician, an integrative and functional medicine practitioner, and a young breast cancer survivor. She has received extensive training in functional medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine, and additional training in integrative oncology. Dr. Tolentino is deeply committed to creating opportunities for patients to make empowered and informed decisions about their health. Her practice combines innovative diagnostic tools, personalize lifestyle optimization, and a collaborative approach to cultivating the body's innate power to heal. A frequent contributor to publications including Vogue, Well+Good, CNET, and Bustle, Dr. Tolentino was also recently recognized by YellowCo as their October 2019 Do-Good Dozen winner for her work as an innovative healthcare provider. She practices a comprehensive, patient-centered approach to whole-body wellness as Lead Doctor at Parsley Health Los Angeles. In her free time, she can be found catching sunrises on the beach with her husband, and their chihuahua Cali.

For more information about Parsley Health, visithttps://www.parsleyhealth.com/

Amylee Amos, Founder of Amos Institute:

Amylee Amos, MS, RDN, IFMCP founded the Amos Institute to specialize in the implementation of the Bredesen Protocol. She graduated with a Master of Science in Nutrition, Healthspan, & Longevity from the University of Southern California's Leonard Davis School of Gerontology and is working on her PhD in Functional & Integrative Nutrition. She has trained under Dr. Dale Bredesen and received certification in the Bredesen Protocol from MPI Cognition. Amylee is part of Dale Bredesen's elite immersion team and has worked in partnership with MPI Cognition performing week-long retreats for participants of the Bredesen Protocol. Amylee is a guest lecturer at the University of Southern California. Amylee is one of the few nutritionists in the country who is certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFMCP). The Amos Institute is an international platform with clients around the world.

For more information about the Amos Institute, visithttps://amosinstitute.com/

Andrea Bendewald, Founder - The Art of Circling:

Andrea "Dré" Bendewald is the founder of Art of Circling in Los Angeles. After moving from New York to Los Angeles, she fell in love with the power of circling. Since that life-changing experience 25 years ago she has been advocating for its purpose and power. Today, Bendewald is a renowned circle facilitator and people around the world have been drawn to her work. The Art of Circling can be experienced through retreats, private sessions, as well as workshops. Bendewald’s circles attract a worldwide audience, including the c-suite of Fortune 500 companies and the Hollywood stars. Bendewald and the Art of Circling have been featured by publications such as People, Hollywood Reporter, New York Times and Self Magazine.

For more information about the Art of Circling, visithttps://theartofcircling.com/

Dr. Sebastian Kverneland, DC - Chiropractor and Founder, Scandinavian Health Institute

Dr. Kverneland is the chiropractor and founder of Scandinavian Health Institute in Los Angeles. He has a doctorate from the Southern California University of Health and is in the process of being certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine. Scandinavian Health Institute uses an evidenced-based and modern type Chiropractic care with an emphasis on the clinical biomechanics and specializes in finding the root cause of pain. Dr. Kverneland's work has been featured in publications such as Martha Stewart, Thrive Global and Medium.

For more information about Scandinavian Health Institute, visithttps://www.drkverneland.com/

March 31, 2020: 

Scandinavian Health Institute and Kenshō presents:

Preventative chiropractic tools for back and neck pain


Dr. Kverneland is the founder of the Scandinavian Health Institute in Los Angeles. He has a chiropractic doctorate from the Southern California University of Health and is in the process of being certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine. He has patients all over the world through virtual sessions. And services areas include Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Mid-City, Sherman Oaks, Calabasas, West Hollywood, Hollywood Hills, Los Feliz, Silverlake, Hancock Park, and Larchmont Village with in-office and home visits. His work has been featured in Martha Stewart, Yahoo!, Thrive Global and Medium. To make a virtual or in-office appointment, visitscandinavianhealthinstitute.com 

For more information about Dr. Sebastian Kverneland DC and Scandinavian Health Institute, read here.

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