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What these health and wellness practitioners do daily

A big part of the Scandinavian Health Institute ethos is cross-collaboration with other health and wellness professionals. We have asked some fellow health and wellness professionals what they do for their health on a daily basis.

Nyakio Grieco (@nyakio), founder of @nyakiobeauty and the newly launched @thirteenlune, says:

The most important thing I do for my health is to rest. I try to get 8 hours of sleep each night and I even enjoy a 30 minute power nap as often as possible! It’s great for mind, body, spirit and plenty of rest is great for your skin too!

This is what Amylee Amos, founder of the @amosinstitute says:

The thing I do daily for my own health is practice gratitude. I take time every day to reflect on all of the things I have to be grateful for. Practicing gratitude allows me to manage the challenges of each day with healthy perspective.

Elaine Rensing of @starrpilates says:
"The most important thing I do daily for my health is to move! Even if I’m taking a day off workouts I feel so much better if I walk for 30 minutes or do a quick yoga video than if I don’t do any movement at all."

LA based Brain Health Coach, Michelle Gilette @michellegillette_ :

"The most important thing I do for my own health is that I commit to “taking responsibility” for my self. If my thoughts get too negative, they are mine to shift.

If I have over scheduled myself, time time is mine to reconfigure based on priorities. If I have not worked out, my body is mine to move or stretch. Nobody can eat for me, move for me, feel for me or think for me.

It’s a responsibility but also an opportunity and an honor I feel grateful for and for which I become empowered. That shift from burden to empowered opportunity makes ALL the difference."

Andrew O'Sullivan @andrew_x_casall, Head of Brand for @casalltraining:

"Stretch and strengthen – an everyday practice that works just as well for the body as it does for the mind. Balance is the key for progress and growth."

LA based nutrionist, Estee @confident_nutrition:
"The most important thing I do daily for my health is my morning routine. I get up at the same time every day with a real alarm clock, not a cell phone. I brush and floss my teeth, wash my face, take my plant powder capsules with a full glass of water, pray, meditate, say affirmations, do visualizations, journal, and exercise. It leaves me feeling calm, alert, positive, and accomplished as I move into my day."

 Los Angeles yoga instructor Dennisse Morales @dennissespieces.

“Taking care of my body by eating nourishing foods, drinking lots of water, some type of movement (typically yoga) and meditation.”

LA based dancer, Anna Mischio (@annamischio):

"The most important thing I do daily for my health is journaling. I think it’s so important to keep my thoughts organized and clear so I don’t get overwhelmed. Our physical health begins with our mental health!"

Brittany Bowman (over at @dogpound@b_juicy:

“The most important thing I do daily for my health is movement. Movement is key no matter if you’re walking, running, stretching, lifting weights, or swimming. Movement is the reason why I because a personal trainer, as movement is what keeps your body going! Just move!”


What do you do for your health on a daily basis?