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What is Modern, Scandinavian Chiropractic Care?

We are proud to bring modern, Scandinavian chiropractic care to the United States. Our approach is different and it is important that you know why when you book an appointment with us.

what is modern scandinavian chiropractic care defined chiropractor in los angeles dr sebastian kverneland

Modern, Scandinavian Chiropractic Care Defined

Modern, Scandinavian chiropractic care is a direction chiropractic care that emphasizes scientific-based treatments and with a strong focus on:

  • clinical biomechanics (the way the body with its muscles and joints move in coordination with each other)
  • identifying the dysfunctional joints (joints not moving in a normal fashion) and,
  • how it relates to the whole loco-motor system.
integrative health scandinavian chiropractor dr. sebastian kverneland dc

    Modern Chiropractic is more than manipulating joints. Chiropractors that are focused on this type of chiropractor care are experts on the biomechanics.

    We can easily address unfavorable movement patterns and we know how to address them in forms of training, stretching and soft tissue techniques.In addition there is always a focus on the overall lifestyle and its effect on your health.

    At Scandinavian Health Institute that means we have a focus on implementing routines for stretching, exercise, diet, supplements and lifestyle advice and this all gets woven into the fabric of a chiropractic office visit. 

    integrative health scandinavian chiropractor dr. sebastian kverneland dc


    Modern, Scandinavian chiropractors have a comprehensive and personal approach. Part of this means that we are pro-collaboration and working with other healthcare professions to help patients find the root cause of their pain.

    • Our practice has built network with the best medical doctors, physical therapists, yoga instructors, acupuncturists, personal trainers and more across Los Angeles and the United States. Cross-collaboration will aid patients and be in the best interests of society.

    What makes this chiropractic direction Scandinavian, is that it has been developed in Scandinavia. Dr. Sebastian Kverneland DC, growing up in Norway and later getting educated in the United States, has long had a passion to bring this type of practice to Los Angeles. He is also passionate about educated health care professionals about this type of chiropractic treatment, through workshops and events

    Dr. Sebastian Kverneland DC is the chiropractor and founder of the Scandinavian Health Institute in Los Angeles. He has a chiropractic doctorate from the Southern California University of Health and is in the process of being certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine. He has patients all over the world through virtual sessions. And services areas include Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Mid-City, Sherman Oaks, Calabasas, West Hollywood, Hollywood Hills, Los Feliz, Silverlake, Hancock Park, and Larchmont Village with in-office and home visits. His work has been featured in Martha Stewart, Yahoo!, Thrive Global and Medium. To make a virtual or in-office appointment, visit scandinavianhealthinstitute.com 

    For more information about Dr. Sebastian Kverneland DC and Scandinavian Health Institute, read here.

    Read what our patients say about Scandinavian Health Institute here. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our office at (310) 750-9887 or contact us here.