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Why patients think Scandinavian Health Institute is the best chiropractor near you in Los Angeles

We feel very lucky to be able to help patients around Los Angeles. Our approach is highly personalized and we take great pride in bringing the modern, Scandinavian chiropractic method to more patients. 

Here is what some of our patients have to say:


"So happy I found you to take care of my headaches and neck pain"



"Dr. Sebastian is in incredible! After suffering from back pain, due to being hit by a car while I was running and dealing with the aftermath of a not-so-good chiropractor, Kverneland was able to identify and inform me very well of my source of problems. He took his time explaining to me the areas that needed work and the steps to work on them myself. His program is extremely helpful with recovery and and the longevity of your muscles and body. I would highly recommend."


“I have been to chiropractors most of my adult life, some very good, however I had never found one who met the standards of Dr. Kverneland. He treats synergistically and tailors each visit as to continue the progression of my recovery and return to maximum health. Additionally, he never rushes treatments. I am very, very pleased to have found him!”


“If you need an amazing chiropractor who specializes in chronic pain, neck and shoulders, look no further!Dr. Kverneland is one of a kind and will find the root of your problem and fix it in no time. I had one (!!) session with him for my neck and I’m as good as new!”


“I have suffered chronic headaches as well as severe back and neck tensions for more than 20 years. During the course of this time, I have tried pretty much all available drug-free therapies available. At my first consultation with dr. Kverneland I brought relevant medical records and we spent time examining not only these but also current life situation, lifestyle issues and other relevant factors commonly associated with conditions similar to mine. After a physical examination, he applied some chiropractic techniques. What a relief!I felt a bit dizzy but nearly pain-free.

Unfortunately, during the days to come, the pain gradually came back. The next sessions resulted in the same pain relief as before but I realized that this was not a quick fix. However, I got advice on how I could contribute to my own recovery and obtain more lasting results. Unfortunately, after some time and due to geographical relocation, I was not in the position to obtain regular sessions with Dr. Kverneland. But before leaving he advised me on how to proceed.

I have been following his advice since then and I have recovered to a state where the pain is no longer dominating my life. In this respect, his advice on how I could contribute to my own recovery has been of great value. Dr. Kverneland chiropractic skills are undoubtedly the best I have ever experienced. Further, his focus on mind-body dependencies, nutritions and other lifestyle issues has proven to be a major ingredient to my recovery. ”


"Dr. K is a fantastic chiropractor. He has helped me numerous times with my migraines (which have become less frequent since I started seeing him). Thanks a ton!"


"The most friendly and professional chiropractor I've ever had an appointment with. He was genuine in the way he treated me from the moment I entered his clinic. Thoroughly finding the causes and solutions to my issues.
Dr. Sebastian Kverneland always walk an extra mile for his clients. Thank you!"

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Dr. Sebastian Kverneland DC, a Norwegian chiropractor established Scandinavian Health Institute in Los Angeles Dr. Kverneland values every single patient and will spend the time it takes to figure out the underlying root cause of your pain. He specializes in chronic pain, neck pain, back pain, and headaches. His focus is on Modern, Scandinavian Chiropractic and Functional Medicine. Scandinavian Health Institute is centrally located on La Brea Avenue between Melrose and Santa Monica Blvd. We have patients from Hancock Park, West Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Los Feliz, and Santa Monica. Our work has been featured in Martha Stewart, Real Simple and Thrive Global.