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Easy, impactful lifestyle changes you can start today

Disease prevention is a key focus for Dr. Kverneland and especially as it comes to heart health. Some of the things he educates his patients on and that is surprising and backed by science is:

  • Benefits of owning an animal
  • Inflammation in your body and how you eat when you have them
  • Insuline resistance
  • Dark chocolate
  • Visceral fat cells
  • Lack of testing lipoprotein-a levels

Dr. Kverneland’s advice for a break at work without your phone is:


  • Spend your lunch-break and/or 2 minutes every hour:
    • Meditate
      • Taking a break from work just 2 minutes an hour lowers stress and tension in your body (and is also a major contributing factor for cardiovascular disease). The meditation can be guided or just setting a timer and try to focus on deep breathing and literally thinking of nothing. It also helps to decrease tension in your body as you give your body a mental break. 
    • Stretching.
      • Stretching can be a variation of standing and sitting ones, but I recommend stretching your neck, arms and shoulders.
        • 3 favorites are: 1) Hold hands together above the head with palms facing up. Push your arms up, stretch upward and hold the pose for 30 seconds. 2) Slowly roll neck toward one side and then repeat on other side. Do this three times in each direction. 3) While you are sitting, reach both hands behind your back and around your office chair. Then arch your back and move your chest forward. Hold each stretch for 30 seconds and do it 3 times.
    • Work activity:
      • Insert activity into your office work. Stand while you are doing your phone meetings, do some ankle raises while you wait for your coffee to brew, and make agreements with colleagues to do walking meetings and get out in fresh air. 


Dr. Kverneland is the chiropractor that founded Scandinavian Health Institute in Los Angeles. He has a doctorate from the Southern California University of Health and is in the process of being certified by Institute of Functional Medicine. In addition, he is a sought after speaker in Europe and the US.