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How does chiropractic manipulation work?

All you need to know about chiropractic manipulation

The goal of chiropractic treatment is to reduce pain and provide increased quality of life, by restoring normal function in the musculoskeletal and nervous system.

As a part of chiropractic treatment, manipulation is often used. How does chiropractic manipulation work?

Chiropractic manipulation is used in the treatment of the vast majority of joint structures in the body. Examination and treatment are primarily performed manually but can also be done with specially developed instruments.

What is chiropractic manipulation?

Manipulation is used on joints with reduced mobility.

The goal of manipulation treatment is to normalize the function of the joint(s), and get a functional improvement and a relief of pain.

Manipulation treatment is a manual treatment technique to increase the joint's range of motion. Without manipulation, it can cause surrounding structures such as muscles, joint capsule and nervous system to be affected in a way that causes pain or further limitations.

How does chiropractic manipulation work?

The chiropractic manipulation is treatment consists of a hand grip, where a rapid impulse is directed towards the joint in the limited direction of movement of the joint. This will often lead to a short-term separation of joint surfaces where there is joint fluid. This separation results in a pressure change which results in a short-term phase change of the synovial fluid to the gas phase. Then you get a "cracking sound", or what is called a cavitation. This is completely harmless and is not a lasting change.

Is chiropractic manipulation effective for pain?

Chiropractic manipulation is a form of treatment that is effective and in many cases has an immediate positive response. 

Are there any side effects with chiropractic manipulation?

Some will experience a form of treatment reaction such as local tenderness. This will be of short duration. Chiropractors use manipulation methods as a central part of the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. 


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